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General Instructions to Authors

Authors may download a full set of instructions (ps,pdf) here. All manuscripts are expected to adhere to these instructions prior to (first) submission. Corresponding authors will be asked to confirm adherence to these instructions by means of a series of check boxes on the online submissions system. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in substantial delays of the review process.

Preparing Manuscripts in LaTeX

Authors typesetting their manuscripts in LaTeX may download ORiON's English Style Sheet and follow the instructions (ps,pdf).
Outeurs wat manuskripte in LaTeX set, kan ORiON se Afrikaanse Stylblad aflaai en die instruksies (ps,pdf) volg.

Preparing Manuscripts in MS-Word

Authors typesetting their manuscripts in Microsoft Word should please follow these instructions carefully.


Authors are encouraged to use the official set of ORiON keywords as their first resort, and then only to add others if necessary.

Examples of Paper Format and of Reference Citations and Bibliography Listings

An example of a paper format in English (ps,pdf) or in Afrikaans (ps,pdf) may be downloaded here. Authors may also download comprehensive examples of reference citations and bibliography listings (ps,pdf) here. Citations and bibliography entries in all manuscripts are expected to adhere to the formats in these examples prior to (first) submission.

Submission of Manuscripts to ORiON

Authors are requested to (re)read the instructions above and to ensure that their papers adhere to the example format (above) before submitting papers to ORiON. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via ORiON's online submissions system at http://orion.journals.ac.za. Authors should not email their submissions to an editor of ORiON, but should please use the online submissions system. The online submissions system will accept electronic manuscripts in one of the following formats:

  • An MS-Word Document
  • A postscript file, typeset by LaTeX (using only the style sheet provided)
  • A pdf file, typeset by LaTeX (using only the style sheet provided)

Other file formats will not be accepted.

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