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All manuscripts submitted for possible publication in ORiON are subjected to anonymous and blind peer review (which means that, in addition to the standard practice that authors are not aware of the identities of reviewers of their manuscripts, reviewers are also not aware of the identities of authors of the manuscripts that they review). A minimum of two reviewers are appointed to review each manuscript. Reports by the reviewers are made available to authors for the sake of transparency and to enable authors to improve their manuscripts. This page conains links (see above) to full indices of authors of papers published in ORiON (since 1985) as well as reviewers of manuscripts (since 2004). A link is also provided to an index of subject areas within Operations Research which are popular with prospective authors of papers submitted to ORiON.

Further links are provided to a table of manuscript acceptance statistics, a repository of full issues of ORiON (in pdf-format), a collection of Editor's annual reports (since 2006) and a list of all past Editors of the journal.

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