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ORiON Advisory Board

It it the responsibility of the Advisory Board to advise the Editorial Board on the standard of papers accepted (on a post-publication basis) and also to help settle refereeing disputes in their areas of expertise.

Prof PC Bell (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Strategic management, revenue management, business decision-making, computer modelling, management technology, statistical analysis

Prof JJ Cochran (Louisiana Tech University, USA)

Statistical methodology, integer programming, sample based optimization, statistical learning, quantitative education

Dr E del Rosario (Committee on OR for Public Service, The Philippines)

Decision support, optimization, operations research in a developing context

Mr HW Ittmann (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa)

Decision support, supply chain management, operations research for development

Prof AJ Kleywegt (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Stochastic optimization, transportation problems, logistics, supply chain analysis

Dr CM Mynhardt (University of Victoria, Canada)

Graph domination theory, graph colouring

Mr GK Rand (Lancaster University, England)

Project management, location theory, inventory theory, production scheduling, operations research in developing countries

Prof DM Ryan (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Mathematical programming & optimization theory, applications in scheduling, timetabling and combinatorial optimization

Prof D Simchi-Levi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Transportation & logistics systems analysis, e-commerce and supply chain management, revenue & yield management, decision support systems

Prof CJ Swanepoel (University of South Africa, South Africa)

Business process optimization, system dynamics, analysis of algorithms and complexity, discrete mathematics

Prof P Toth (University of Bologna, Italy)

Integer programming, exact & heuristic optimization algorithms, railway optimization, vehicle routing, loading & packing, graph colouring

Prof A Tripathy (Institute of Petroleum Management, India)

Project management, mathematical programming, inventory & materials management, purchasing & sourcing, soft operations research

Prof A Tsoukias (CNRS-LAMSADE, France)

Multi-criteria decision analysis, preference modelling, discrete mathematics, decision under uncertainty, artificial intelligence

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