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The Society offers the following membership grades:

  1. Student membership;
  2. Full membership;
  3. Fellowship;
  4. Retired membership;
  5. Honorary life membership;
  6. Corporate membership.

Membership grades 1 and 2 above are open for application by individual persons (only full-time bona fide students qualify for membership grade 1). Membership grade 6 above is open for application by companies or institutions. Membership grades 3 and 5 are by invitation only. A full member may apply for retired membership status (Membership grade 4) by emailing the Database Manager, provided that the age of the member is not less than 55 years and that the member has retired from regular employment.

Applications for student, full or corporate membership may be submitted online via the Join ORSSA link. A list of benefits associated with the above membership grades may also be accessed via the links above.

The Executive Committee proposes membership fees for all membership classes for approval at the Annual General Meeting. Membership fees are payable annually on or before the 30th of June.

The following institutions are currently corporate members of the Society,

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