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45th Annual ORSSA Conference (2016)

Papers delivered at the 45th Annual Conference of ORSSA, held on 11-14 September 2016 at Lanzerac Wine Estate, Stellenbosch:

Author(s)Paper Title
R ACCORSI, G BARUFFALDI, M BORTOLINI, M GAMBERI, R MANZINI & F PILATIInternet-of-things paradigm in food supply ecosystems control and management: Goals, strategies and tools
R ACCORSI & R MANZINIFostering knowledge over Mediterranean agro-food supply channels: Findings from the Futuremed project
R ACCORSI, S PENAZZI, R MANZINI & S DUNSTALLSustainable land-use planning optimisation integrating residential, urban mobility and food resources in a closed system
PS BAARD & SE VISAGIEHigh-lift movement in storage racks
JJ BARNARD & DP LOTTERA multi-objective approach towards effective crop allocation of farm land
G BARUFFALDI, R ACCORSI, F AMADUCCI, R MANZINI & S PENAZZIHow logistics affects food processing facility design
M BASHEApplication of two-stage stochastic programming to power generation expansion planning: The case of South Africa
EM BASSON & L BAMA decision support system for the generation of overtime shift schedules for Stellenbosch University psychiatry registrars
RA BENNETTO & JH VAN VUURENEvolutionary search strategies in constraint programming
T BLAKE, P JONAS, C MAUELSHAGEN, R MARTIN, D OWEN & S HERNDLHOFERStrategic risk and cost modelling: From source to sea
GM BRITTIN & WR GEVERSA decision support model for optimising planning of seasonal fruit processing
GEL CAMARA & BJ VAN VUURENAn agent-based model for simulating ant colony optimisation in the context of the travelling salesman problem
I CAMPBELL, MM ALI & ML FIENBERGAgent-based simulation for solving the Dial a Ride Problem
JC CILLIE & DP LOTTERA goal-programming approach towards partitioning a large class of students into groups
JI DARLEY-WADDILOVE, J THIART & AP BURGEREvaluation of theoretical city networks - Square versus triangular division
P DE WET & L POTGIETERA cellular automata approach for investigating Eldana saccharina infestation in sugarcane
CA DEMPERSApplications of the Wolfram Language in the analysis of spatial data
PR DIKGALE & SE VISAGIEHeuristic solutions to the fixed-charge transportation problem
J DU TOITData preparation, processing and extraction in optical character recognition: A data science approach
J DU TOITNamed entity recognition for address classification
I DURBACHFast-and-frugal heuristics for portfolio decision analysis
MD EINHORN & RA BENNETTOThe role of the analytics practitioner in today's business landscape
J EYGELAAR, DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENGenerator maintenance scheduling based on the risk of power generating unit failure
LP FATTIClosing Keynote: The use of appropriate technology for tackling OR problems
NC FOUAYSA MANFOUO & L POTGIETERCombined hydroeconomic and game theory modelling to support integrated water resources management in the lake Chad basin
R GARCIA-FLORES, R ESMAEILBEIGI, R MARTINS, OV DE SOUZA FILHO & P JULIANOOptimal selection of whey processing facilities and technology
G GELDENHUYS & JH VAN VUURENOperations research in the Department of Applied Mathematics at Stellenbosch University (1961-2008)
S GIRDWOOD & CG JACOBSAn integer programming model to schedule drop-shunting of a fleet
JS GROENEWALD * L VENTERA MOLP solution for assigning applicants to outreach teams for a faith-based organisation
MFP HARMSEEmployee retention strategy informing corporate social responsibility
MFP HARMSEOperations research for development in South Africa
M HATTINGH, I-M SMIT, L BAM, JH VAN VUUREN & L KOENDecision support in a capacity constrained psychiatric hospital by investigating indicators for readmission
H-W HEUER, DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENDesign of a threat evaluation and weapon assignment human machine interface
F HOFMANN & SE VISAGIEChoosing the optimal reverse channel structure for the collection of used products
DJ HUMAN & L POTGIETERTowards optimising crop refuge areas in transgenic sugarcane fields
HW ITTMANNEuropean study on OR/MS education: Brief results and preliminary trends
NL JONKER & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for student assignment and examination scheduling during final year projects
TJ KELLERMANN & JH VAN VUURENA decision support system for subjective preferential selection problems
HN KHANH, L MARQUEZ & M TALEBAINIncreasing the resilience of Vietnam's rice supply chain: A simulation approach
EJ LANZLiner operations execution in the container-shipping industry
GJ LE ROUZ & JH VAN VUURENMetaheuristics for the selection and scheduling of jobs with setup times and time-dependent durations
BG LINDNER & JH VAN VUURENTrade-offs between fuel cost and levelling of reserve margins in generator maintenance scheduling
J LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENA model for scheduling fresh produce acquisition at a retail outlet
A MAC CAWLEYCyclical scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times: The case of wine bottling lines
SJ MOVIUS & JH VAN VUURENAn evaluation of self-organisation in traffic signal control algorithms
N-M OOSTHUIZEN & JH VAN VUURENMedical waste disposal facility location
D PARAU & R ROUXSocial network analysis of the Cape Colony's credit markets
E PESCHOpening Keynote: Optimisation problems in intermodal transport
BS PETERSON & BJ VAN VUURENAgent-based maze solving according to a machine learning-inspired approach
CA PHILLIPSRemote performance measurement in retail environments
RG RAKOTONIRAINY & JH VAN VUURENA comparison of metaheuristic solution approaches for the strip packing problem
N-A ROBERTSON & L VENTERA decision support tool for the planning and placement of low-income housing
EB SCHLUNZ, PM BOKOV & JH VAN VUURENAn optimisation-based decision support framework for multiobjective in-core nuclear fuel management
T SCHMIDT-DUMONT & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for the placement of radio transmitters in mobile telecommunication networks
T SCHMIDT-DUMONT & JH VAN VUURENA reinforcement learning algorithm for the control of mixed traffic flow on freeways
E SCHOLTZTraining neural networks for function approximation using Google TensorFlow - A case study
J SCRIBANTE & DP LOTTERThe facility layout problem
B SHAVAZIPOUR & TJ STEWARTA three-stage scenario-based multi-criteria decision-making structure under deep uncertainty
SP SILAL & LJ WHITETowards malaria elimination: Mathematical modelling in the Elimination 8 African region
S SMITH, JH VAN VUUREN, P TOTH & L BAMA periodic, multi-tiered vehicle routing problem with global cross-docking
M SMUTS, SE TERBLANCHE & T VERSTERSimultaneous optimisation of price and loan-to-value for optimal secured loan portfolios
TJ STEWARTMulticriteria decision analysis and public sector strategic planning
TJ STEWART & HW ITTMANNFifty years of operations research at the CSIR
R STEYNBERG, DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENA framework for identifying the most likely successful underprivileged tertiary bursary applicants
SJ SWARTS & SE VISAGIEModelling South African traffic for large networks - An extension on the gravity model for traffic demand modelling
J TALJAARD & JH VAN VUURENThe location of a central consolidation centre in an international retail company
J THIART, NK VERITY & JH NELPlanning and budgeting for future arrivals at the Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch
NA TRANKLE & BJ VAN VUURENAn agent-based decision support system for strategic airline fleet composition
ML TRUTER & JH VAN VUURENDevelopment and demonstration of a performance evaluation framework for threat evaluation and weapon assignment systems
TR UOANETactical planning for combat modelling
A VAN DER MERWE, JV DU TOIT & HA KRUGERMathematical contributions to influence performance in tertiary education
JC VAN DER WALT & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for the selection of water release strategies at open-air irrigation reservoirs
JC VAN DER WALT & JH VAN VUURENA model of wealth distribution over time
J VAN EEDEN & P KRUGERIdentification of major reasons for reliability issues in the packaged export segment of the South African wine industry
SA VAN HEERDEN & JH VAN VUURENThe placement of stock keeping units in a retail distribution centre
H VAN SCHALKWYK, L POTGIETER & C HUIA spatio-temporal model for water hyacinth biological control strategies
BJ VAN VUURENTutorial: Vehicle routing capabilities in an AnyLogic simulation software environment
BJ VAN VUUREN, L POTGIETER & JF BEKKERGetting to grips with importing maps into agent-based simulation models
BJ VAN VUUREN, L POTGIETER & JH VAN VUURENAn agent-based simulation model of Eldana saccharina Walker
G VENTERDecision support for different levels of decision-making | A systemic decision support model
M WEAVER & BJ VAN VUURENAn agent-based simulation model for unmanned aerial vehicles used to combat rhino poaching
H WILLIAMSApplications of Bluetooth low energy beacons in OR
TW ZERATSION & SE VISAGIEThe effects of visit frequency on delivery cost
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