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44th Annual ORSSA Conference (2015)

Papers delivered at the 44th Annual Conference of ORSSA, held on 13-16 September 2015 at Pecan Manor, Hartbeespoort:

Author(s)Paper Title
T APPEL, DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for agricultural crop irrigation
P BENADE, A VAN DER MERWE & HA KRUGEROptimising critical emergency care options for stroke patients
R BENNETTO, D CLARK & C PHILLIPSApplied uses of cloud computation for the distributed optimisation of rapid scenario evaluation
RA BENNETTO & JH VAN VUURENAugmenting constraint satisfaction problem search with evolutionary strategies
W BOSSENGER & I NIEUWOUDT2D irregular strip packing at Kohler Signs
BJ CRONJE, EB SCHLUNZ & JH VAN VUURENA new metaheuristic solution approach for the in-core fuel management optimisation of a nuclear reactor core
P DE WET & L POTGIETEROptimisation of agricultural landscape structures for pest suppression
T DU TOIT & HA KRUGERComparing an RBFNN optimized by simulating social behaviour with a GANN for classifying spam messages
DW EVANSOR and OD: helping OR deliver
DW EVANSThe ORSSA database
J EYGELAAR, DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENEstimation of unplanned capability loss factors for generator maintenance scheduling
LP FATTIAnalytics, big data, data science - the end of OR?
E GIBSON & SE VISAGIEA decision tool to address patient waiting times in rural hospitals
MFP HARMSEPortfolio management for a community-based programme
A HERBONGame-based approach for modelling asymmetric information on consumer location and sensitivity to remaining product shelf-life
AM HEYNS & JH VAN VUURENA multi-objective approach towards GIS-based facility location
NJ HUMAN & SE VISAGIEContainer sequencing
HW ITTMANNSocial media analytics
J JANSE VAN RENSBURG & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for the assignment of real-estate agents to properties in the market
GJ LE ROUX & SE VISAGIEA multi-objective approach to the assignment of stock-keeping units to unidirectional picking lines
BG LINDER & JH VAN VUURENTri-objective generator maintenance scheduling for a national power utility
DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENA weapon assignment system as real-time decision support in a ground-based air defense environment
J LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENA modelling framework for shelf space allocation of fresh produce at a local retailer
PE LUTUAnalysis of social media data: Challenges and opportunities
L MASIPAA hybrid Tabu-Benders heuristic for solving stochastic programming problems
T MEYER, R REED & JH VAN VUURENToward decision support for rebase locations in Table Mountain National Park
S MOVIUS & JH VAN VUURENEvaluation of the effectiveness of self-organisation in traffic signal control algorithms
E MUDIMU & GN ENGELBRECHTAgent-based model for social and sexual partnerships formation
L OOSTHUIZEN & JF BEKKERA location science model for the placement of POC CD4 testing devices as part of South Africa's public healthcare diagnostic service delivery model
A RADEMEYERApplying OR at a Discovery Health call centre
K RAJARATNAMLogistic random effects models for economic capital provisioning in consumer loan portfolios
PG REYNOLDS & SE TERBLANCHEA mixed integer programming formulation for collateral optimisation
EB SCHLUNZ, PM BOKOV & JH VAN VUURENApplication of artificial neural networks for predicting core parameters for the SAFARI-1 nuclear research reactor
T SCHMIDT-DUMONT & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for radio transmission tower placement in cellular telephone communication networks
J SCHUURMAN & JH VAN VUURENScheduling sequence-dependent colour printing jobs
M SCRIBANTE & JF BEKKERA decision support tool for profit maximisation of retail stores through inventory management and markdown optimisation
SP SILAL, F LITTLE & K BARNESPredicting the impact of border control on malaria transmission: A simulated focal screen and treat campaign
B SHAVAZIPOUR & TJ STWAERTA novel approach to dealing with deep uncertainty in multiple criteria decision making
A SMITH, AA COLMANT, L OOSTHUIZEN & JH VAN VUURENA new vehicle routing problem with application to pathology laboratory service delivery
TJ STEWARTGenetic algorithm for a reference point approach to project portfolio selection
R STEYNBERG, DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENSuccess indicators for the allocation of bursaries to underprivileged tertiary students
BJ STRAY, Z PATEL & TJ STEWARTCommercial sugarcane estate irrigation system evaluation using a network flow model with a piecewise linear objective function
R TAYLORThe Square Kilometre Array: Big telescope, big science, big data
E THOM & SE VISAGIEMeasuring the effectiveness of allocation models
M TRICKCombining predictive and prescriptive analytics to have broad impact
ML TRUTER & JH VAN VUURENValue-based methods for threat value fusion within a ground-based air defence environment
JC VAN DER WALT & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for the selection of water release strategies at open-air irrigation reservoirs
W VAN HOEPENScoring of control points at metrogaine events
C VAN ROOYEN & I NIEUWOUDTWheelchair-friendly covered pathways on the campus of Stellenbosch University
H VAN SCHALKWYK & L POTGIETERModelling biological control strategies for water hyacinth
BJ VAN VUUREN, L POTGIETER & JH VAN VUURENAn agent-based model for simulating the population dynamics of Eldana saccharina Walker
P VENTER, SE TERBLANCHE & M VAN ELDIKOff-gas power generation optimization via a mixed integer linear programming model
L VENTER & SE VISAGIETowards a hybrid simulation model of the South African education system
C WILLEMSE & JH VAN VUURENA cost-benefit analysis methodology for deciding whether to install emergency power generators at retail outlets
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