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43rd Annual ORSSA Conference (2014)

Papers delivered at the 43rd Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 14-17 September 2014 at Stone Henge in Africa, Parys:

Author(s)Paper Title
K BAILEYA simulation of The Duck Farm's abattoir
M BASHEAnalysing the South African generation fuel mix
RA BENNETTOApplications of lazy constraints in mixed integer programming
MJ BESTEROptimising returns by scheduling visits with the use of optimisation and clustering on a practical problem
A BLEYOptimal Access - Recent advances in access network optimization
AA COLMANT & JH VAN VUURENSolution representation for a maritime law enforcement response selection problem
AP DE VILLIERS, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENOn q-criticality of graphs with respect to secure graph domination
P DE WETComparing strategies for risk
J DU TOITSemi-automated maritime vessel activity detection using hidden Markov models
JF DEAN, GL VAN HARMELEN, V NDLOVU & M BASHEAnalysis of Production Risk using the Energy Flow Simulator
C DEMPERSWolfram Technology as applied to Data Analytics
I DURBACH & B MERVENQuantifying uncertainty in long-term forecasts of CO2 emissions in South Africa
MD EINHORN & JH VAN VUURENDesign of a detailed microscopic traffic simulation model
DF ENGELBRECHT & WS BRITZEDC account placement optimization
A ERASMUS & SE VISAGIEThe size-mix problem for seasonal products: Stability of profiles and performance measures
DW EVANSComplexity Theory and OR
FJ FAGAN & JH VAN VUURENA qualitative model of evolutionary algorithms
LP FATTISome applications of OR in the transport industry
RP HAMALAINENOn the importance of behavioural Operational Research
MFP HARMSESustainability: From theory to practice
AM HEYNS & JH VAN VUURENA multi-objective approach towards terrain-dependent facility location
DJ HUMAN & L POTGIETERModelling predator-prey interactions by cellular automata
MN HUTTON & JF BEKKERDevelopment of an optimiser for an energy flow simulator: Challenges and approach
HW ITTMANNElection 2014 forecast
J JANSE VAN RENSBURG & JH VAN VUURENCognitive bias in decision-making
R KOEN & T MAGADLADeveloping long-term scenario forecasts to support electricity generation investment decisions
BG LINDNER & JH VAN VUURENMaintenance Scheduling for the Generating Units of a National Power Utility
BG LINDNER, PJ VLOK & BC WESSELSDetermining optimal primary sawing and ripping machine settings in the wood manufacturing chain
DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENImplementation challenges associated with a threat evaluation and weapon assignment system
MJ-P LUHANDJULAMathematical programming problem with fuzzy random coefficients
GV MABE-MADISA & MJ-P LUHANDJULAA novel approach for multiobjective programming problems with fuzzy objective functions
A MASACHE & N SIBANDAApplication of stochastic and simulation modeling to resource utilization in a general ward at Lady Rodwell Maternity hospital in Zimbabwe
T MASIPAA computational and numerical analysis of stochastic programming heuristics across multiple software platforms
I MEYER & M MARAISDecision support to enable sustainability in development projects
S MEINTJES & JW JOUBERTMulti-objective optimisation of a commercial vehicle complex network
MJ MURRAYOptimisation modelling for energy efficiency at Sasol
H NAREAn investigation into the effect of climatic factors on cotton output in Zimbabwe
WC PELSERThe role of \soft" methodologies in defence decision making
CA PHILLIPSBinary programming for customer engagement plan optimisation
CS PRICE, D MOODLEY & CN BEZUIDENHOUTUsing agent-based simulation to explore sugarcane supply chain transport complexities at a mill scale
R PRINSSimulation and order planning of a spice processing plant
A RADEMEYERORSSA Lean Analytics Meet-ups
TK RALPHSAccessible Analytics
EB SCHLUNZ, PM BOKOV & JH VAN VUURENUsing a multiobjective harmony search algorithm to solve the in-core fuel management optimisation problem
B SHAVAZIPOUR & TJ STEWARTDecision making with conflicting goals in an uncertain world
C SIGAUKEVolatility modelling of the All Share Index at the JSE using a generalized autoregressive score model
D SNYMAN, T DU TOIT & HA KRUGERAutomated radial basis function neural network topology selection for malicious URL detection
TJ STEWARTModelling approach for megaproject contingencies
E THOM, SE VISAGIE & J MATTHEWSAdjusting the size-mix of products during stock allocation
ML TRUTER & JH VAN VUURENPrerequisites for the design of a threat evaluation and weapon assignment system evaluator
L VENTER & MM VOSLOOAnalysing the impact of intervention programs in education with the Inzalo Foundation Schools Leadership Model
EJ VERMAAKApplying the science of better on measuring and monitoring project performance
H VAN DEN BERGSupport plant upgrade investment decisions by utilising integrated stochastic simulation models
FJ VAN DER WESTHUIZENThe effect of combining reliability, availability and maintainability modelling and stochastic simulation modelling on production efficiency
S VAN LOGGERENBERG, M FERREIRA, L GROBLER & F TERBLANCHEDecomposing the Connected Facility Location Problem
H VAN SCHALKWYKModelling biological control strategies for water hyacinth
BJ VAN VUUREN, L POTGIETER & JH VAN VUURENPrerequisites for the design of an agent-based model for simulating the population dynamics of Eldana saccharina Walker
C VON SAINT ANGE & JF BEKKERComparison of multi-objective ranking and selection methods when doing simulation optimisation
F WAANDERSThe Vredefort Impact structure
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