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42nd Annual ORSSA Conference (2013)

Papers delivered at the 42nd Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 15-18 September 2013 at the Protea Hotel Technopark, Stellenbosch:

Author(s)Paper Title
AO ADEWUMI & MO ADAMUMetaheuristics for a parallel machine problem
AO ADEWUMI & BY BAHAA soft computing framework for modelling transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS under combined use of male and female condoms in heterosexual populations
AO ADEWUMI & N HADEBEPopulation-based local search heuristics for the Travelling Tournament Problem
M BASHEMegaprojects contingency determination
O BASTERTHow the Cloud will put optimisation within the reach of many more organisations
JG BENADE, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENThe enumeration of mutually orthogonal Latin squares
RA BENNETTOWhat your parents never told you about genetic algorithms and genetic programs
RA BENNETTO & D LUBINSKYDynamic bulk freight train scheduling in an uncongested rail network
MJ BESTERHow to get the best out of your analytical teams
S BESTER, SE VISAGIE & J MATTHEWSAssortment planning of new retail stores
W BOSSENGER & I NIEUWOUDT2D irregular strip packing at Kohler Signs
A BRAND, HA KRUGER & H FOULDSThe reconciliation of conflicting QoS goals in wireless networks: A linear response surface analysis approach
DG BREED, T DE LA REY & SE TERBLANCHEThe use of different clustering algorithms and distortion functions in semi-supervised segmentation
I CAMPBELLHeuristics and solution methods for the Dial-A-Flight Problem
AA COLMANT & JH VAN VUURENPrerequisites for the design of a maritime law enforcement resource assignment decision support system
S CHETTY & AO ADEWUMIStudies in heuristics for the Annual Crop Planning Problem
AP DE VILLIERS, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENA binary programming approach towards achieving effective network protection
J DU TOITOn-load tap changer classification using supervised learning on the latest Eskom Reg-D data
J DU TOIT & JH VAN VUURENAutomated maritime vessel activity detection using hidden Markov models
T DU TOITComparing radial basis function networks and generalised additive neural networks for spam detection
I DURBACH, T HOFFMAN & S JACKAn agent-based model of the role of theft in plant conservation problems
I DURBACH, L SCOTT, J NYIRENDA & S SILALOperational research(ers) in development: Growing a new generation
MD EINHORN, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENDeveloping an understanding of the fundamentals of vehicle delay at signalised intersections using analytic and numeric models
DF ENGELBRECHT, SE VISAGIE & J MATTHEWSOn the fairness of a Super 15 schedule
TJ ENGELBRECHTMultiobjective optimisation of inventory control selection
A ERASMUS, SE VISAGIE & J MATTHEWSThe Size-mix Problem for seasonal apparel
M FICKA machine learning approach to hyphenation in Afrikaans
WR GEVERS & C BALLOTRisk budgeting in a mining house
RL GOUWSAligning a legacy model to current reality and improve the predictive power of linear programming unit models
L GROENEVELD & JF BEKKERA decision support tool to locate and operate a DC in the Western Cape for MediClinic
R HAGSPIHLModelling systems with autonomous agents
R HAGSPIHL & SE VISAGIEThe number of pickers and SKU arrangement on a unidirectional picking line
AM HEYNS & JH VAN VUURENFacility location subject to proximity and terrain-induced visibility constraints
D HUTTON & J VAN NIEKERKThe use of machine learning techniques to optimise admission requirements at a higher educational institution
MS IBRAHIM & N MACULANA family of valid inequalities for some classical combinatorial optimisation problems
HW ITTMANNFreight transport modelling and its application within Transnet
HW ITTMANNA review of the Tom Rozwadowski medal
M JANKOWITZNonlinear smoothing: A comparison of median, hybrid and LULU smoothers
MP KIDD, V CACCHIANI, P TOTH, L KROON & L VEELENTURFReal-time rescheduling in case of large disruptions in railway networks
BG LINDNER, CB WESSELS & TE LANE-VISSERA model to optimise the linked sawing and ripping decisions in the South African pine cutting chain
DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENA weapon assignment subsystem for real-time decision support in a ground-based air defence environment
N MABASOScheduling of environmental monitoring in a biopharmaceutical facility
M MANDAZA, K VON LEIPZIG & TE LANE-VISSERPartially multi-skilled back office workforce assignment optimisation: An operations management decision support tool for AOMi simulation training
AA MARTINS & AO ADEWUMIAn investigation into the performance of particle swarm optimisation with various chaotic maps
MT MASETSHABA & SM SEELETSEA linear programming approach to business process optimisation: Application to a South African bank
LT MASIPA, L POTGIETER & S VAN ZYL BRIERSThe sensitivity of a unit trust fund in a volatile market: Adjusting for changes
J MATTHEWS & SE VISAGIEOn storage assignment in a zoned order picking system with unidirectional picking lines
I MEYER & M MARAISInfluencing the future: Open access horizon scanning in Africa
K MPETAApplying operations research in the fast food industry
J NEL & JH VAN VUURENThe Shoprite Storage Volume Problem for fresh produce
L OOSTHUIZEN & TE LANE-VISSERDetermining an optimal basis for allocating operating room time under uncertainty
FG ORTMANN, HR GERBER & A SMUTSOptimising circuits for superconducting supercomputers
DF PAYNE & J BREEDTLong-term electrical demand forecasting for strategic transmission network planning
CA PHILLIPSAn investigation into the causes of transportation inefficiency
N PILLAY & R RAGHAVJEEA comparative study of genetic algorithms using a direct and indirect representation in solving the South African School Timetabling Problem
N PILLAY & C RAJAHA study of cell depletion in the developmental approach for the Uncapacitated Examination Timetabling Problem
P POORENUsing stochastic simulation to assess operability and availability of a unique new chemical plant
L POTGIETER, JH VAN VUUREN & DE CONLONGA spatio-temporal model for the control of Eldana saccharina Walker
C PRINS, TE LANE-VISSER & N TREURNICHTFace milling with indexable round inserts: An analytical model for optimisation of production parameters with TI-6AL-4V machining
K RAJARATNAM, P BELING & L GAODecision making in consumer loan acquisition with multiple binomial classifiers
H RAUBENHAIMER & SE TERBLANCHEOptimal liquidity execution planning using stochastic programming and robust optimisation
A ROUX & JH VAN VUURENAn algorithm for (r,s)-domination of a network
EB SCHLUNZ, PM BOKOV & JH VAN VUURENPreliminary results of a multiobjective cross-entropy method applied to solve the In-core Fuel Management Optimisation Problem
K SETLHAREOptimal time interval between screening tests for promotions in manpower planning
TJ STEWARTMulticriteria decision aid to operations research for development
TJ STEWARTMulticriteria decision analysis - An integrating framework for operations research
G STREICHERA stochastic simulation model of a continuous value chain operation with feedback streams and optimisation
B SWARTInformation theory in financial modelling
E THOM, SE VISAGIE & J MATTHEWSAdjusting the size-mix of products
N UYS & TE LANE-VISSERInvestigation of a hybrid renewable energy system to meet South Africa's baseload energy demand using a multiobjective PBIL optimisation algorithm
M VAN DER MERWE, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENThe Evolutionary Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma on a cycle
A VAN DER MERWE, HA KRUGER & TJ STEYNSolving the Diet Problem using expert system technology and mathematical programming techniques
L VENTERHuman resources decision support using Sasol Technology's Employment Equity Target Assessment Model
CJ VON SAINT ANGE, TE LANE-VISSER & JF BEKKEROptimisation of land use in the Sandspruit catchment to mitigate impacts on water resources
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