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41st Annual ORSSA Conference (2012)

Papers delivered at the 41st Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 16-19 September 2012 at the Aloe Ridge Hotel, Cradle of Humankind:

Author(s)Paper Title
SA AJIBOLA & AO ADEWUMIA model and results of local search heuristics for the Hostel Space Allocation Problem
BY BAHA, AO ADEWUMI, NV BLAMAH & GM WAJIGAAn artificial neural network for detecting risk of Type 2 Diabetes
RA BENNETTOOptimised schedules achieve massive savings
MJ BESTERBuilding predictive models using Xeno
MJ BESTEROperational research in the forestry industry - Focussing on a recently developed allocation model
C BEZUIDENHOUDTApplication of optimisation methods to simulation models
NV BLAMAH, AO ADEWUMI, GM WAJIGA & BY BAHAAn intelligent particle swarm optimisation framework based on a multi-agent system
A BRAND, H KRUGER & H FOULDSA linear response surface analysis approach to evaluate QoS in wireless networks
GD BREED, T DE LA REY & SE TERBLANCHEPractical application of semi-supervised segmentation within a predictive modelling context
J BUHRMANNDetermining an optimal vehicle fleet mix
I CAMPBELLAirline taxi scheduling
S CHETTY & AO ADEWUMIResults of local search heuristics for the Annual Crop Planning Problem
M CHINODA & JW KRUGERUsing multi-criteria decision aid in corporate climate change response
AP DE VILLIERS, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENAn algorithm for efficient secure network domination
C DEMPERSHow to save time and effort: Selected local case studies using the modelling and visualization tools of Blue Stallion Technologies
J DU TOIT & JH VAN VUURENCoastal threat evaluation decision support
E DUFOURQ, MO OLUSANYA & AO ADEWUMIStudies in metaheuristics for the Blood Assignment Problem
I DURBACHBehavioural decision making in sports predictions
MD EINHORN, JH VAN VUUREN & AP BURGERSelf-organising traffic light control
DW EVANSMeta modelling with linear programming for capital investment with uncertain returns
FJ FAGAN & JH VAN VUURENAn articulated qualitative model for evolutionary algorithms
LP FATTIHow healthy are the rhino populations in the Hluhluwe-iMfolosi Park?
WR GEVERSSpreadsheet solvers: A comparison
MFP HARMSECommunity in operations research?
JW HEARNEConservation and the commercial utilisation of wildlife
JW HEARNESpatial problems in managing land for habitat and fire
AM HEYNS & JH VAN VUURENThe optimisation of terrain modelling and line-of-sight techniques
HW ITTMANNThe hype around Analytics
A JAISON, D MWEMBE & J CHIRIMAAn optimal distribution strategy for a supply chain organisation: The case of Delta Beverages
JL JOUBERT & G CARSTENSA practical application of stochastic simulation within an explosives supply chain environment
P LABUSCHAGNE & T DU TOITThe feasibility of a generalised additive neural network for spam classification
DIJ LANGLEY & PR VELDHUIZENThe Sasol group energy linear programming model
BG LINDNER & T LANE-VISSERDevelopment and application of an assignment problem to reduce overcut waste in a secondary wood manufacturing facility
DP LOTTER & JH VAN VUURENDesign of a generic weapon assignment system in a ground-based air defence environment
DJ LUBINSKYThe science and magic of scheduling
PEN LUTUReplication of base models to improve the performance of positive vs negative classification ensembles for predictive data mining
T MAGADLA & I DURBACHThe effect of network structure and switching costs on innovation diffusion in social networks
H MASHIRAAn inventory routing system for dynamic food distribution
TC MAZURUStrategic coordination in a production supply chain
B MUDHARAThe management of investment portfolios using optimisation models
E MUNAPOSolving a binary linear programming model in polynomial time
FK MUTASA, N MAGADLELA, P NYAMUGURE & ET CHIYAKAA statistical analysis of monthly temperature using Box-Jenkins' Arima methodology and a general linear model approach: A case study of the city of Bulawayo
H NARE & AT RAMHEWAAn econometric analysis of the effect of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange on the Zimbabwean economy in its years of decline
JH NEL & SC KRYGSMANUsing cluster analysis to extract trip and activity information from GPS data
OO OSIYEMIIntegrating technology into teaching and learning in the school classroom
OO OSIYEMITeachers' and learners' perception on mathematics literacy as subject stream
WC PELSERDecisions and analysis - What role does analysis play?
CA PHILLIPSCall schedule design: Real world constraints and technological solutions
N PILLAY & C RAEA survey of hyper-heuristics for the Nurse Rostering Problem
L POTGIETER & JH VAN VUURENModelling the impact \& cost of the sterile insect technique on Eldana saccharina Walker in sugarcane
AL RADEMEYER, R BENNETTO & A SLOANWhy travelling salesmen should consider sleeping out
K RAJARATNAM & C-S HUANGConsumer loan decisions with a profit-loss trade-off under multiple economic conditions
S SAUL & AO ADEWUMIAn artificial bees colony algorithm for the Travelling Tournament Problem
EB SCHLUNZ, PM BOKOV & RH PRINSLOOApplication of a harmony search algorithm to the core fuel reload optimisation problem for the SAFARI-1 nuclear research reactor
C SIGAUKE, A VERSTER & D CHIKOBVUExtreme daily increases in peak electricity demand: Tail-quantile estimation
FJ SNYDERS & T LANE-VISSERImproving the work rate of community health workers through optimisation
TJ STEWARTDeveloping spatial contiguity measures in multiobjective land use planning
T STEYN & G HATTINGHEmpirical results: Exact solutions using limited pattern generation for the ā€˜ā€™Nā€™ā€™-sheet Cutting Stock Problem
SE TERBLANCHEA problem reduction approach for the Survivable Network Design Problem
A VAN DER MERWEImproved techniques to model continuous operations with discrete-event simulation
A VAN DER MERWE, H KRUGER & T STEYNApplying expert system technology in dietetics
M VAN DER MERWE & JH VAN VUURENThe weapon assignment scheduling problem in a ground-based air defence environment
N VAN DER WESTHUIZENA successful case study for integration between business and analytics in the Propylene value chain
EJ VERMAAK, LE MEIJER & LH SNYDERSStochastic simulation for Sasol Solvents Global Tank Planning
NM VILJOENAn implementable routing solution for home-based care in South Africa
NM VILJOEN, W CAO, M CELIK, J SWANN & O ERGUNCase Study Tutorial: Using operations research for strategic planning in the not-for-profit health sector
NM VILJOEN, J SWANN, M CELIK, W CAO & O ERGUNKeeping it simple in a data-sparse environment: The case of donor breastmilk demand and supply in South Africa
E WILGENBUS, HA KRUGER & T DU TOITA supervised learning approach for file fragment classification
EJ WILLEMSECombining process mapping, business analytics and operations research for effective problem solving
M YOON & T LANE-VISSERFinding the best pass-receiving position in the RoboCup Small-Size League
DC ZVIPOREAn operations management algorithm in the tile manufacturing industry
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