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40th Annual ORSSA Conference (2011)

Papers delivered at the 40th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 18-21 September 2011 at the Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe):

Author(s)Paper Title
MO ADAMU & AO ADEWUMIMinimizing the (weighted) number of tardy jobs: A review
MO ADAMU & AO ADEWUMIScheduling jobs on parallel machines to minimize a weighted number of early and tardy jobs
AJ ADEWARA, KS ADEKEYE, OE ASIRIBO & SB ADEJUYIGBEA minimax multivariate control chart using a nonlinear polynomial function
AO ADEWUMIHeuristic applications to the Hostel Space Allocation Problem
GD BARR & L SCOTTSpreadsheet-based methods for the teaching of statistical and OR methodologies and technologies
SE BESTER & TE LANE-VISSEREstimating the threat of water scarcity in the Breede River Valley: A forecast-based analysis
T BININGU & SFM MUBAIRAMaximising production of an in-store bakery using linear programming
WA CARSTENS, TE LANE-VISSER & PJ VLOKEstimation of multivariate proportional hazards model parameters through artificial bee colony optimization
KR CHILUMANI, BS MANGENA & EG MTETWASupply chain management information systems: An artificial intelligence perspective
G CHINGWEAn analysis of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the recruitment of children into the orphaned and vulnerable children category (OVC) in Zimbabwe
M CHINODA & JW KRUGERA behavioural-based multi-objective decision making framework for corporate climate change response
KT CHIRENJEAn inventory management system for optimising product availability and capacity utilisation
E CHIYAKA, T MUYENDESI, PNYAMUGURE & F MUTASATheoretical assessment of the transmission dynamics of Leprosy
RA DAFFUE & TE LANE-VISSERAn evaluation of the implications of predictive patient admission algorithms on African healthcare systems
AP DE VILLIERS, J MATTHEWS & SE VISAGIEMetaheuristic approaches for order sequencing in a directed picking line
M DOWARTEffective logistics and supply chain management: A theoretical analysis
J DU TOIT & JH VAN VUURENCoastal threat evaluation decision support
T DU TOITTracking concept drift in spam filtering with generalized additive neural networks
DD DUBE & C MUFUDZAModelling and analysing the price structure of houses in the dollarised economy of Zimbabwe
I DURBACH & G MONTIBELLERPost-catastrophe decision making
MD EINHORN, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENAn evaluation of the efficiency of self-organising versus fixed traffic signalling paradigms
D ERICSSONDemand chain management - The evolution
D ERICSSONDemand chain management - The implementation
EC ESSMANN & TE LANE-VISSERSolving a multi-objective micro milling problem using simulated annealing
LP FATTIRandom sampling: An essential tool for the operations researcher
WR GEVERSTeaching OR using Risk Solver Platform for Education
JM GREBEN, CD ELPHINSTONE & JP HOLLOWAYThe 2011 municipal elections in South Africa and new trends since the 2009 national elections
K HOVEAnalysis of data from an agrosite experiment using GENSTAT and SPSS
K HOVEChoosing an appropriate transformation for experimental data in the case of violated ANOVA assumptions
K HOVEStatistical modelling using GENSTAT DISCOVERY in experimental work
SD HOVE-MUSEKWAModelling the effect of stress on the dynamics and treatment of tuberculosis
HW ITTMANNLocal government elections 2011: Some personal perspectives
MP KIDD, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENBalancing home and away matches in league sports tournaments: A case study
MP KIDD, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENEnumeration of sets of orthogonal Latin squares
E KLAMPFLOperations research at Ford Motor Company
JW KRUGERThe causal structure may be different from the highest posterior probability structure if it is not a tree structure
JW KRUGERMeasures for share selection
TE LANE-VISSER & MJWA VANDERSCHURENFinding the optimal South African freight energy management strategy with archived multiobjective simulated annealing
EJ LANZ, FE VAN DYK & JH VAN VUURENDecision support with respect to facility location and fleet composition for FoodBank Cape Town
N LAWRENCE, N TAYISEPI & S MHLANGACoordinating price and capacity decisions in inventory systems with stochastic demand: A case study in a chemical processing plant in Zimbabwe
S MONYAI, M LESAOANA & P NYAMUGUREApplication of factor analysis to the 2009 General Household Survey of South Africa
A MAETELETSA & JW KRUGERBankruptcy prediction
RM MAKHWITING, M LESAOANA & C SIGAUKEModelling volatility and financial market risk of shares on the JSE
E MAKONI & JA UROMBOWinning the impatient customer - Weighing the trade-offs in waiting line situations
NA MAKUKULE, C SIGAUKE & M LESAOANADaily electricity demand forecasting in South Africa
H MALULEKE, M LESAOANA & M MAKWELAAn analysis of price indices of electrical appliances in South Africa
D MAPOSAOperations research in Zimbabwe: Origins, development and the way forward
A MASACHELocomotive scheduling in freight at Mpopoma Train Station
E MASENDA, K GAZIMBI, B CHIRAMBIWA, N KHUMALO & H MACHOKOTOObserved trends in the use of cereal straws and cotton seed hulls as sole substrates in the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms in Zimbabwe
H MASHIRA & A MASACHEHumanitarian operations research in Southern Africa
T MATHEMATime series analysis of the volume of manufacturing data
TC MAZURUAn aid to decision making using analysis of variance in a protective clothing industry in Zimbabwe
M MEYER & M FISHEROperations research at Sasol - The making of an INFORMS prize winning team
S MHLANGA, TN MUSHUKU, WM GORIWONDO & N TAYISEPIMaintenance & production planning using linear programming and simulation at NFA Oil Plant
T MHURI & BJM CHIRIPANHURAEnhancing supply chains through implementing transport management systems in Zimbabwean industries
KN MPETA & G MUNYATIData envelopment analysis in the fast food industry
RL MOTHAPO & MR MAKWELAUsing logistic regression to predict poverty in South Africa
E MUDIMU & GN ENGELBRECHTModelling HIV/AIDS in a mixed population using an agent-based approach
C MUFUDZAThe importance of HIV specific Cytotoxic T cells on HIV and Myco-tuberculosis coinfection dynamics
E MUNAPOA new approach to the Quadratic Assignment Problem
D MWEMBEA linear programming approach to sustainable poultry production in the small farms of Makwa Hwange, Zimbabwe: A human-poultry food production case
H NARE, P NYAMUGURE & P MDLONGWACredit rating mechanisms using multivariate adaptive regression splines
O NCUBE & VSS YADAVALLIUsing stochastic modelling to investigate supply chain disruptions
M NEMUKULA & Y NEGUSSIEAnalysis of factors affecting academic performance of the disabled students at the universities in Limpopo province, South Africa
M NKALA & A MASACHEOptimal production lot size models with rework and scrap
P NYAMUGUREApplication of linear programming in water distribution using pumps
JC NYIRENDAJob shop scheduling to minimise tardiness
T NZVENGENDEUsing the economic order quantity model in managing inventory: The case study of NOCZIM
IC OBAGBUWA & AO ADEWUMISwarm intelligence algorithms for OR problems: Successes and trends
WC PELSERHow to measure military readiness?
WJ PIENAARThe coherence between logistics management, operations research and systems analysis
R PRETORIUSConstraints driving the development of rich vehicle routing problems
J POUSI, J POROPUDAS, K VIRTANEN & RP HAMALAINENUtilisation of multicriteria influence diagrams in simulation metamodeling
AL RADEMEYERAlgorithmic approaches to solving multi-period delivery vehicle master routing problems
EB SCHLUNZ & JH VAN VUURENDecision support with respect to generator maintenance scheduling in the energy sector
L SCOTTIs a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?
C SIGAUKEAn econometric study of currency crises in developing economies: A case study
LK SIHWAThe impact of the liquidity crunch on the manufacturing sector during the period 2009-2010
SM SVINURAIAssessment of the maternal mortality rate in Zimbabwe
M TAREMBADemand chain analysis for better planning in the steel foundry industry
JM TCHUENCHE & N DUBEThe impact of media coverage on the transmission dynamics of human influenza
MJ TREURNICHT, TE LANE-VISSER, L VAN DYK & SS FRIEDRICHA nurse rostering algorithm for a district hospital in South Africa
DL VAN BLOMMESTEIN & TE LANE-VISSERExposing the hidden dynamics of metaheuristics through visualisation
H VAN DEN BERG & M MEYERDecision support for a new stability enhancement system at the Sasol Synfuels Air Separation Unit
M VAN DER MERWE, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENEvolutionary games on graphs
AJ VAN ZYL & L VAN DYKOperations research in telemedicine
FA VAN ZYL, L VAN DYK, CB WESSELS & TE LANE-VISSERDetermining the optimal log position during primary breakdown, using simulated annealling
I VAN ZYL, TE LANE-VISSER & L VAN DYKPaving the way for the use of prediction modelling in a hospital environment
L VENTER & M FISHERHuman resources decision support using Sasol Technology's Employment Equity Target Assessment Model
EJ WILLEMSE & JW JOUBERTConstructive heuristics for the Residential Waste Collection Problem
DC ZVIPOREApplications of the analytical hierarchy process and statistical decision theory in commercialisation
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