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39th Annual ORSSA Conference (2010)

Papers delivered at the 39th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 26-29 September 2010 at the Magoebaskloof Hotel (Polokwane):

Author(s)Paper Title
T BAITSHENYETSI, JM HATTINGH & HA KRUGERApplying a tree knapsack approach to general network design: A case study
W BEAN & JW JOUBERTInventory management under uncertainty - An application
WH BOTHMA, EJ WILLEMSE & JW JOUBERTResidential waste management in South Africa: Optimisation of vehicle fleet size and composition
I CAMPBELL & S ALIPackaging cost optimization for an electric part distributor in South Africa
K CHIRENJEDetermining a mathematical model for inventory planning and control for Innscor Africa
TF CHUEUAnalysis of the common causes of human deaths in Limpopo Province
ET CHIYAKAApplication of graph theory in matching problems
BJM CHIRIPANHURAA vehicle routing and scheduling optimisation system for the beverage industry in Zimbabwe
A DE VILLIERS, J MATTHEWS & SE VISAGIEDirected cyclical picking line optimization - Part I: Industry background and introduction
M DOWART, A MASACHE & P NYAMUGUREA Lagrangian relaxation for parallel machines with precedence constraints
W DU PLESSIS & N VILJOENImproved assignment and routing of care workers for the home and community-based care scenario in South Africa
J DU TOIT & JH VAN VUURENCoastal threat evaluation and decision support
IN DURBACH & SJ DAVISDecision support for evaluating electricity saving options
MD EINHORN, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENAn evaluation of the efficiency of self-organising versus fixed reaffic signalling paradigms
MFP HARMSEDiagnostic analysis of a Saturday School
C HLUNGWANI & C SIGAUKEForecasting monthly production of gold in South Africa
HW ITTMANNExperiences in using operations research for development
MP KIDDA tabu-search for minimising the carry-over effects value of a round-robin tournament
TE LANEOperations research: A cornerstone for freight transport energy management
EJ LANZ, JH VAN VUUREN & FE VAN DYKFactility location for FoodBank Cape Town
VG MABE-MADISAIncome tax prediction when tax avoidance matter
N MAKUKULEDaily electricity demand forecasting in South Africa
H MALULEKEAn analysis of number of the vehicles and pedestrian involved in fatal crashes: Limpopo province, South Africa
AD MANAKANAThe effect of unemployment on crime among young South Africans
SSM MANYATSI, TT STEJN & GJM HATTINGHInvestiating some heuristic solutions for the two-dimesional cutting stock problem
D MAPOSA, P NYAMUGURE, C SIGAUKE & N NYAHWEMAInvestigating the effects of different grazing ratios and stocking rate of cattle and goats under mixed species grazing on different plant species
H MASHIRAOperations research in transportation of goods and services
J MATTHEWS, A DE VILLIERS & SE VISAGIEDirected cyclical picking line optimization Part II: Algorithms, preliminary results and future work
TC MAZURUOptimization of inventory using a probabilistic method
MM MOABELOElectricity generated and available for distribution in South Africa
RL MOTHAPO & MR MAKWELAAnalysis of poverty in South Africa
KN MPETAMarketing operations research
SM MUBAIRAAn analysis of inventory using an economic order quantity model for a fuel company in Zimbabwe
H NAREA method of detection and correction for outliers in time series data
O NCUBE, SV YADAVALLIModelling supply chain risks in agile supple chains
AS NDIWALANACommunicable disease disaster
RA NENZHELELE & MR MAKWELAA comparison of Grade 12 pass rates between the old and new curriculum in Limpopo
P NYAMUGURE, D MAPOSA, C SIGUAKE & E CHIYAKAA holistic application of process capability indices
WC PELSERTools & methodology for high level military decision analysis
L POTGIETERA mathematical model for the control of Eldana saccharina Walker
DN RAADPLATFORMS: An online PLATform For the practice and theory of Operations Research / Management Science
P RAPHOLOThe effect of high electricity consumption on the South African economy
SJ RIBA, C SIGAUKE, MR MAKWELA & D MAPOSAA logistic regression analysis of the occurrence of mine accidents in the Burgersfort area in South Africa
B SCHLUNZ & JH VAN VUURENDecision support with respect to generator maintenance scheduling in the energy sector
I SHENDELANA & D MAPOSAAnalysis of the inflation rate of alcoholic beverages
C SIGAUKE & D CHIKOBVUModeling daily peak electricity load forecasting in South Africa using a multivariate nonparametric regression approach
NM WATSON, TJ STEWART & L SCOTTAiding decision making in allocation at FoodbankSA
TT STEYN & JM HATTINGHFinding the optimal cutting patterns for N identical two-dimensional stock sheets
J STRAY, JH VAN VUUREN & CN BEZUIDENHOUTTactical sugarcane harvest scheduling
E VAN WYK, WL BEAN & VSS YADAVALLIA generic inventory model for disaster relief
EJ WILLEMSE & JW JOUBERTScalable solutions in OR: An application in waste collection and transportation
DC ZVIPORENetwork optimization techniques
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