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38th Annual ORSSA Conference (2009)

Papers Delivered at the 38th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 21-24 September 2009 at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study:

Author(s)Paper Title
O ADETUNJI & S YADAVALLIAn estimate of optimal buffer size in the theory of constraints with deteriorating work in progress
V ATUDAn application of linear programming in advertising
JJ BARTHOLDI, IIIHow to stock the forward pick area of a distribution centre
JJ BARTHOLDI, IIISelf-organising logistics systems
T BLAKE, TJ STEWART & FE VAN DYKDecision support for FoodBank Cape Town on the allocation of food resources
C CRONJE & S YADAVALLICoordinated production and distribution scheduling
S CRONEForecasting index price changes of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with artificial neural networks - An empirical evaluation
S DAVIS & I DURBACHA systems dynamics model of household energy consumption
A DE VILLIERS, SE VISAGIE & I NIEUWOUDTComparisons between largest remainder methods in voting systems
M DOWARTInfrastructure and governance as key elements to equity and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa
I DURBACH & TJ STEWARTSome empirical results on multicriteria decision making with uncertain outcomes
MD EINHORN & CG JACOBSFleet composition for fuel distribution
LP FATTIThe role of statistics in operations research
M FICK & CJ SWANEPOELRecursive compound word decomposition
P FOURIETransport demand planning: Microsimulation vs traditional systems
H GOOSEN & T DU TOITAutomated construction of generalised additive neural networks to detect spam
R GOUWS & JH VAN VUURENA simulation approach towards solving a 2-echelon inventory control problem
J GROBLER, A ENGELBRECHT & S YADAVALLIHyperheuristics for improved decision support
MFP HARMSEOrganisational transformation
J HAVENGALogistics cost measurement for South Africa: Understanding current realities and future risks
J HENDRICKS, L VAN DYK & SA DU PLESSISModelling students through a South African higher education institution
C HUSTED & WR GEVERSHow many cars can you fit on an autocarrier? A decision support system for Auto Carrier Transport
HW ITTMANNA life in operations research
J JANSE VAN RENSBURG, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENThe exact-fit n-mino tiling problem
D KABONGO-KANTU & TJ STEWARTRanking of decision making units based on their robustness profiles
MP KIDD, AP BURGER & JH VAN VUURENTournament design using symmetric and self-orthogonal Latin squares
BJ KOK, JN ROUX & JH VAN VUURENEvaluation of a threat evaluation and weapon assignment system in a ground-based air defence environment
N KOURENTZES & S CRONEModelling neural networks for forecasting high frequency data - An empirical evaluation of input variable selection methodologies
EJ LANZ & CG JACOBSAn investigation into the economic viability of utilising invasive plant material
L LEENENConstraint programming: A powerful tool to solve combinatorial optimisation problems
T LEONARD & L VAN DYKAn assignment model for passenger check-in counters in an airport terminal building
JJ LOUWEffective supply chain strategy formulation and implementation
J MATTHEWS & SE VISAGIESingle crane optimisation within a distribution centre
C MLAMBO & S CRONEThe nonlinearity of African stock indices: An empirical investigation of linear and nonlinear models
M MODISEOperations research applications in deprived communities
E MUNAPOA strong bound for linear integer models
J NAUDE & JH NELData envelopment analysis: Integrating economic and sustainability factors in performance management
O NCUBE & S YADAVALLISupply chain risks: Perspectives on private-public sector partnership for the benefit of SMMEs in South Africa
Z NCUBE, JM HATTINGH & A HELBERGAn empirical study of factors that influence GDP growth with special reference to attributes like telecommunication proliferation
JH NEL & MP KIDDSelecting subsets of foods to measure nutrient exposure: A genetic algorithm for finding solutions via the max r method
FG ORTMANN & JH VAN VUURENFinding good solutions to the multiple bin size bin packing problem by modifying strip packing heuristics
W PELSERCharacteristics of high level military decision analysis
C POTGIETER & JN ROUXReal-time decision support for military operations other than war
DN RAAD, A SINSKE & JH VAN VUURENMultiobjective auto-algorithms: Parameter-free self-adaptive multiobjective metaheuristics
M SCOTT & SE VISAGIEThe optimisation of a single-aisle picking line
S SIBIYA & M MODISEEmploying morphological analysis and system dynamics as complementary modelling methods for PSO planning in a military environment
C SIGAUKEA hybrid multi-risk model for asset pricing using regression analysis: A case study
C SIGAUKEStrategic supply chain planning under uncertainty: A literature review
F SMUTS, SE VISAGIE & I NIEUWOUDTThe management of deferred revenue in the prepaid value channel of emerging market mobile phone networks
TJ STEWARTRisk modelling and multicriteria decision analysis
J STRAY, JH VAN VUUREN & C BEZUIDENHOUTTactical sugarcane harvest scheduling
M VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, JM HATTIGH & HA KRUGERModel development for robust regression with minimal assumptions: An \linebreak empirical study
FE VAN DYK, M MULLINS & JJ LOUWThoughts on supply chain complexity
L VAN ECK & SE VISAGIEExact solution approaches to concave knapsack problems
J VAN EEDENStrategic market segmentation of the South African transport market
L VENTER & SE VISAGIEHeuristic and metaheuristic approaches to blending problems
N VILJOENApplying fuzzy logic to humanitarian operations research problems
G WESSELS, J ERWEE, DW STEENKAMP & MJ BESTERA mixed integer optimisation solution to long rotation harvest scheduling
G WESSELS, F DE VILLIERS & DW STEENKAMPA linear programming model used in the log marketing process of a forestry company
E WILLEMSE & JW JOUBERTResidential waste collection routing optimisation
S YADAVALLIStochastic models of manpower planning systems: An overview
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