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37th Annual ORSSA Conference (2007) - Joint ORSSA/ORPA Conference

Papers Delivered at the 37th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 11-13 September 2007 at the University of Cape Town:

Author(s)Paper Title
G ADEKOYA & E OYATOYEThe analytic hierarchy process as an evaluative tool for the strategic consolidation of capital base in the Nigerian banking industry
C ANTHONISSEN & JF BEKKERA two-tier solver for sequential ordering problems
A ANYOGU & L SCOTTThe use of problem structuring methods to unpack the current management issues of a selected NGO (SHAWCO)
T BATIDZIRAI & C SIGAUKEMinimizing the treatment time in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
MJ BESTERScorecard development with Model Builder for Predictive Analytics
J CAWOOD & SE VISAGIELocation of a fueling station
V CHIKWASHAOptimizing a stand-alone photovoltaic power system
J COCHRANEnnoblization through mobilization - Establishing a preeminent societal position for operational research
I DURBACHThe practical implementation of stochastic multicriteria acceptability analysis
A GOMEZ-PADILLA & R MOJICA-MARTINEZAnalysis of a milk supply chain - The case of the Los Altos de Jalisco region in Mexico
C DU TOIT & WR GEVERSA decision support system to optimise the available resources at Kimberley Mines
J DU TOIT, W LOTZ, JN ROUX & JH VAN VUURENProbability of attack of a fixed wing aircraft in a ground based air defence environment
B DUVENHAGEAn optimised recursive line of sight algorithm, for application in a system of systems air defence simulation
R EGBELAKIN, H OLADIMEJI & E OYATOYEThe effectiveness of operations management in the manufacturing industry
LP FATTI & R PRETORIUS, C BEZUIDENHOUT & N BEZUIDENHOUTRepeat-sales modelling for predicting house prices and constructing a housing index
G FEICHTINGER, V VELIOV, C ALMEDER & W SANDERSONPrevention and medication of HIV/AIDS - The case of Botswana
MFP HARMSEEmployment equity through system dynamics
S HERMANN, E JOOSTE & E KEKANAHumanitarian logistics
HW ITTMANN & ELSA JOOSTEThe Tom Rozwadowski award - An analysis
J JANSE VAN RENSBURGSimulation of the Sasol coal value chain in Secunda
D KABONGO-KANTU & TJ STEWARTRobustness analysis based on weight restrictions in data envelopment analysis
V KANA & A TSOUKIASMeasuring poverty and taking action
A KIMMIE & A TSOUKIASDecision support for public policy making
BJ KOK, AM HEYNS, JN ROUX & JH VAN VUURENA simulation-based evaluation of a fully fledged threat evaluation & weapon assignment system in a ground based air defense environment
D LANGLEYMulti-plant linear programming for the optimisation of the combination of two refineries
J LE ROUX & JH VAN VUURENP-median processing centre locations for mobile clinic donations in the South African National Blood Service
JP LUHANDJULAA hybrid approach for mathematical programming under randomness and fuzziness
M MARAIS, M MODISE, M TURPIN & L SCOTTDeveloping a systems analysis framework for the national poverty alleviation system
N MARAIS & SE VISAGIEProduction scheduling in a plastics printing company
L MASINGA & M ALIA nonlinear optimization model for optimal order quantities with stochastic demand rate and price change
I MEYER & M MARAISA systems approach to indicators of poverty reduction
F MITCHELL & SE VISAGIELocation of a nuclear power plant
T MUNDIAThe effects of free primary education in Kenya
S NAIDOOApplying military techniques used in threat evaluation & weapon assignment to resource allocation for emergency response: A literature survey
S NAIDOO & C NELThe importance of target classification for weapon assignment
O NCUBE, J GROBLER & S YADAVALLIImpact of diversity management at the work place on the supply chain
I NIEUWOUDT & JH VAN VUURENShared resource scheduling where some conflict between the users may be tolerated
N NTENE, FG ORTMANN & JH VAN VUURENStrip packing and bin packing - Part I
N NTENE, FG ORTMANN & JH VAN VUURENStrip packing and bin packing Part II
P NYAMUGUREA holistic application approach of capability indices
O NYAMWANGE & D MUGAMBIA survey of internal service delivery systems in a commercial bank in Kenya
C POTGIETER, F DU TOIT, JN ROUX & JH VAN VUURENReal-time weapon assignment in a ground based air defense environment
C POTGIETER & B HERBSTLinear algebra and information retrieval
PH POTGIETERThe Digital Divide in numbers
H OLADIMEJI, S ABOLAJI & J JAYESIMIInfrastructural facilities and Nigeria's economic growth - An operational research and econometric analytical approach
E OYATOYE & M OKESOLAApplication of a multiobjective linear programming model to supply chain management
DN RAAD & JH VAN VUURENMulti-objective optimization of water distribution systems using evolutionary heuristics
GK RANDPat Rivett - British OR pioneer
H RAUBENHEIMER & JM KRUGERA stochastic programming approach to managing liquid asset portfolios
JN ROUX & JH VAN VUURENThreat evaluation\& weapon assignment decision support
J-M SABWASpaza shop modelling
L SCOTTMonitoring the performance of local government via value functions
L SCOTT, M SAIDI & M MARAISApplying a systems analysis framework in a community context
C SIGAUKEA modified Osman's simulated annealing and tabu search algorithm for the vehicle routing problem
D SMITHOR in West Africa - An investigation into published literature
E SMITH, HA KRUGER & R GOEDEAn analytical framework for monitoring and optimizing bank branch efficiency using data mining techniques
E SOUBEIGAApplying OR to deliver sustainable development in Africa
TJ STEWARTNon-compensatory preferences and value measurement
G TERRANOVAFinancial modelling in project finance - Facilitating the development of African infrastructures
A TRIPATHYLessons from problem structuring methods and their application
A TSOUKIAS & S RAMANANTSOARural road maintenance in Madagascar
R TUYIRAGIZE & TJ STEWARTMulti-objective modelling for the electricity sector in Uganda
A VAN DER MERWE, FE VAN DYK & JH VAN VUURENDecision support for a wine cellar
G VAN DIEMAN, JN ROUX & JH VAN VUURENSolution methodologies for the classical assignment problem
P VELDHUIZENConsiderations for model output data analysis requirements
L VENTER & SE VISAGIEOptimal allocation of workers to tasks on a production line
E WILLEMSE & JW JOUBERTA metaheuristic approach to the routing of patrolling security guards
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