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36th Annual ORSSA Conference (2006)

Papers Delivered at the 36th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 3-6 September 2006 at the Sinodale Centre, Pietermaritzburg:

Author(s)Paper Title
F BEICHELTMaximal system availability under cost restrictions
C BEZIUDENHOUT, P FATTI & R PRETORIUSImproving the Home Loans Granting Process through Automated Valuation Modelling
MJ BESTERDesign of an automated decision support system for scheduling tasks in a generalized job-shop
A BURGER, P GROBLER, I NIEUWOUDT & J VAN VUURENComputer Access Scheduling by means of Graph Colouring
J COCHRANStatistics and Optimization: Their illicit relationship
DJ COLEMANNumber of accounts for robust scorecard development
DG CONRADIE & KM HARMSEScheduling at coal handling facilities using heuristics
JM CROUCAMP & JW JOUBERTPublic transport network optimization: An evolutionary approach
DE WITTOptimising Global Supply Chain Strategy with Linear Programming
F DU TOIT, C POTGIETER, J ROUX & J VAN VUURENReal-Time Weapon Assignment in a Ground Based Air Defense Environment
J DU TOIT, J ROUX & J VAN VUURENProbability of Attack Stage of Fixed Wing Aircraft in a Ground Based Air Defence Environment
D EVANSNew Approaches to Problem Identification and Solving: Complexity Theory and Narrative
J GROBLER & JW JOUBERTSwarm intelligence: A production scheduling application
MFP HARMSEManagement of ORSSA chapters
A HEYNS, J ROUX & J VAN VUURENMeasuring the Threat Value of Fixed Wing Aircraft in a Ground Based Air Defense Environment
B KOK & J BEKKERInventory Modelling with a non-Linear Decreasing Demand
L KOTZEStochastic Supply Chain Modelling: Ensuring Sustainable Growth
D LANGLEYTwo case studies of the sustainability of PIMS-SX for scheduling activities at Sasol
J LE ROUXLocating processing units in a blood service system
W LOTZ & J BEKKERFormula 1 Race Simulation Model for Optimising Race Strategies
MK LUHANDJULAA monte carlo simulation-based approach for stochastic semi-infinite mathematical programming problems
N MASONIs Operations Research Really Research?
LE MORISONDealing with Uncertainty in Optimisation
O NCUBEReverse supply chain management: Lessons for logistic management in South Africa
RM NKADIMENGSystem performance under a repair cost limit replacement policy
N NTENE & J VAN VUURENA Survey and Comparison of Level Heuristics for Offline Orientated 2D Strip Packing Problems
F ORTMANN & J VAN VUURENDecision Support for Cascading Inventory Management
C PRETORIUSReliability modeling for a new facility with environmental impact
D RAAD & J VAN VUURENModelling Surface Hydrology
J ROUX & J VAN VUURENThreat Evaluation and Weapon Assignment in a Ground Based Air Defense Environment
DM RYANOptimised production in an aluminium smelter
DM RYANSome Aspects of Optimisation Methods in Aircrew Scheduling
F SMITH & W GEVERSA Human Resource Forecast Model to Support New Plants in the Oil And Gas Industry
L SNYDERSSasol Solvents/Spoornet collaboration "Project Mamba"
TJ STEWART & R TUYIRAGIZEAn Evolutionary Optimization Approach to Multiobjective Project Portfolio Selection
MP TSOGANG, JM HATTINGH & HA KRUGERA Goal Programming Approach to Determine Prices
FE VAN DYKAn information and communication protocol to support the wine supply chain
FE VAN DYK, HW ITTMANN, M MARAIS & I MEYERResearch priorities from a logistics perspective for sustained improvement in South Africa
W VAN SCHALKWYKThe marriage of IE and OR in a large multi-national company - lessons learnt in Sasol for creating effective supply chain solutions
SE VISAGIE & HC DE KOCKSpecial Case of a Nonlinear Knapsack Problem: Theoretical Results
SE VISAGIE & HC DE KOCKSpecial Case of a Nonlinear Knapsack Problem: Branch-&-Bound Solution Techniques
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