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34th Annual ORSSA Conference (2004)

Papers Delivered at the 34th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 5-8 September 2004 at the US Business School, Bellville (Western Cape):

Author(s)Paper Title
J BEKKER, M MOSTERT & FE VAN DYKModelling infrastructure capacity for the SA fruit industry - Part III
J BEKKER & J SCHMIDApplication of Dijkstra's algorithm in naval routing
S BENECKE, PJP GROBLER & JH VAN VUURENHigher order protection strategies for graphs
A BORSHCHEV, A FILIPPOV & C DEMPERSFrom system dynamics and discrete event to practical agent based modelling: Reasons, techniques and tools
R CRUYWAGEN, T EVERT & I DU PLOOYChallenges in teaching Operations Research at the undergraduate level in a distance-learning environment
S DAVIS & TJ STEWARTMathematical modelling and risk management in the deregulated South African electricity market
H DE KOCK & L VAN ECKTel elke stem?
O DE WETCharacterisation of rectilinear Steiner minimal trees and the Steiner ratio
C DEMPERS & D SAKULSKIDelivering technical computing applications with webMathematica: A South African case study
T DU PLESSIS, JM HATTINGH & H KRUGERAspects of model selection and data discarding for linear regression
C ELPHINSTONE, J GREBEN, J HOLLOWAY & H ITTMANNPrediction of the 2004 national elections in South Africa
LP FATTIPallet supply chains
W FOUCHESimulating random strings by arithmetic means
L FRICK, R HILL & D SMITHAdvance-order systems: Lot-sizing over infinite and finite horizons
A GHEBRETSADIK & SE VISAGIEPlaasbestuur en -beplanning met in agneming van risiko
G GROVES & JH VAN VUURENNew heuristics for the rural postman problem
M HARMSE & T MAJOZIApplying MINLP to optimise a production and transportation schedule for a multipurpose facility
JM HATTINGH & D VAN DER MERWEModelling and solution strategies for tree knapsack type problems for local access telecommunication network design
H ITTMANNOR in Africa and developing countries
N JACOBSVervoermodellering vir die benutting van afgekapte indringerplante in die Wes-Kaap
J JANSE VAN RENSBURGThe Periodic event scheduling problem
B JONES, S MUMAR & O NCUBESensitivity analysis and extension to protean modelling and analysis of fractional LPs
A JOUBERT & TJ STEWARTA multicriteria decision analysis approach to rights allocation in fisheries
D KABONGO KANTU & TJ STEWARTWeight restrictions in data envelopment analysis
D KENTCredit scoring in a business environment - Part I: Overview of credit scoring
D KENTCredit scoring in a business environment - Part II: Discussion on a typical scorecard building process
P KRUGERThe spreadsheet revolution in education and the future of OR
J LE ROUX & JH VAN VUURENInventory and location decisions in a blood service system
M LEBIDESThe Breakdown of project implementation in business: The role of language
MK LUHANDJULAFuzzy random variables: Mathematical properties and applications to mathematical programming problems
MK LUHANDJULA & M RAMOKGADIDecision support for multi-objective programming problems
M MAKAYA & T STEWARTDevelopment of interactive methods for multi-objective linear programming in decision support
N MANSONOpen source software - Part I: Is it a good thing?
N MANSONOpen source software - Part II: A user's perspective and demonstration
K MANYUCHICorporate Sustainable Development: Emerging challenges and the road ahead
N NTENE & JH VAN VUURENAn overview of exact and heuristic algorithms for packing problems
FG ORTMANN, FE VAN DYK & JH VAN VUURENModelling infrastructure capacity for the SA fruit industry - Part II
N PANTLAND & JH VAN VUURENA three-dimensional numerical technique for determining the foot of a continental slope
P POTGIETERA survey of non--standard methods in finance
J ROUX & JH VAN VUURENGround based threat evaluation of fixed wing aircraft
F SMIT & LD TOMEEVA - A mathematical approach to warhead design
L SMIT & B SWARTModelling credit risk: Some ideas and applications
T STYLIANIDESDevelopment of a model to forecast container growth at City Deep
M SWARTPutting MINLP scheduling to work: Continuous time formulation for operational scheduling at Sasol Coal Supply
FE VAN DYKModelling infrastructure capacity for the SA fruit industry - Part I
A VERBRAECKApplying Distributed Simulation for Analyzing Port Extensions
A VERBRAECKDistributed web-based modelling and simulation services
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