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32nd Annual ORSSA Conference (2002)

Papers Delivered at the 32nd Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held in September 2002 at Goudini Spa (Rawsonville):

Author(s)Paper Title
P BEKKER & JS WOLVAARDT'n SMART-agtige meting van die graad van 'n mediese toestand
SG BERJAKA symmetric-key cipher design for an information security system
CD BLACK & JH VAN VUURENOptimisation in the context of inventory control at a cardboard box producing factory
L DESTROO, R CRUYWAGEN & JS WOLVAARDTModel teenoor passing: Twee gevalle
DJ COLEMAN, M LOUW & I NIEUWOUDTJob shop scheduling. Part I: A heuristic approach case study
DJ COLEMAN, M LOUW & I NIEUWOUDTJob shop scheduling. Part II: A simulation approach case study
HC DE KOCK & SE VISAGIE'n DSS vir die bestuur van 'n melkbees-kudde
W FOUCHEDiscrepancy and Randomness
J GREBEN & D PAYNEAn analytic method to solve LP-like problems
G GROVES, J LE ROUX & JH VAN VUURENRouting & scheduling with multiple edge traversals
M HARMSEStrategy formulation for information management
HW ITTMANNCommunity centre in a black township
J JANSE VAN RENSBURG & M MEYERUsing the Excel Solver with an Arena simulation model
P KRUGERSurfing the stimulating, stochastic search surfaces of simulated systems
S LAHIRIThe pareto principle for multi-criteria choice problems
W LOTZCase Study: The role of i2's supply chain strategist in developing a supply chain solution for the Delta Motor Company
Z MAHITIProblems encountered when teaching OR to students with poor mathematical and statistical backgrounds
N MANSONOptimisation of pumping policies for municipal reservoirs
M MARAIS & M TURPINHow do managers make decisions?
I MEYERLogistics Challenges in Developing Environments: Spaza Retailing
M MEYERA peek into a stochastic model of a fuel blending and distribution system at SASOL
G MYBURGH & WR GEVERSThe Coherent Market Hypothesis and the JSE: Modelling and some insights
H NEL & N STEYNIntakes of food most commonly consumed: Secondary data analyses of South African food consumption studies (1983-2000)
I NIEUWOUDT & JH VAN VUURENMethods of OR: A new graduate course at Stellenbosch
J NYIRENDAA cut and search procedure for solving binary and pure integer programming problems
FE VAN DYKFruitful: An integrated supply chain information system for fruit produce between SA and NL
JH VAN VUUREN, E HERRMANN & PJ FUNSTONModelling the Lion Population in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
W WALKERModels in the policymaking process
W WALKERPACE-FORWARD: A decision support system for Dutch feight policy analysis
G WESSELSOR/MS in practice: Lessons from experience
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