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31st Annual ORSSA Conference (2001)

Papers Delivered at the 31st Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held in September 2001 at the Vaal Triangle Technikon (Vanderbijlpark):

Author(s)Paper Title
J BEKKER & Y OLIVIERPopulation based incremental learning with applications in arenaâ simulation software
SG BERJAK & JH VAN VUURENA binary tree search for the initial state of a linear congruential generator
C BLACK & JH VAN VUURENOptimal inventory control: Click-a-box case study
HC DE KOCK, AL VAN DER SPUY & J LAUBSCHERAlternatiewe boerderystelsels in die swartland wat voerproduksie vir die melkery kan inskakel
AG DE WET & A-M POTHASThe taguchi-mahalanobis system
C DICKASONLinear programming in a petrochemical industry
LP FATTI & A SAMPSONCricket 2003 world cup: optimal assignment of stadiums and ticket sales
WR GEVERSAn overview of some mba projects
M HARMSELessons for hierarchical organisations from non-hierarchical organisations
G HATTING, T STEYN & R OBERHOLZERImplementing artificial intelligence search methods to solve constrained two-dimensional cutting stock problems
HW ITTMANNEthics, the oath of prometheus and a brief look at the South African scene
CG JACOBS & SE VISAGIE’n Besluitneming-ondersteunings model vir die aankoop en verspreiding van graan vir maal doeleindes
JW KRUGERComparing the pearl and cooper and herskovits algorithms looking at two and three variable models
PS KRUGERThe art of modelling : virtues and vices
S LAHIRIRobust multivalued solutions for assignment problems: a note
MJ LOUW & I NIEUWOUDTFinding good nursing schedules
M MEYERWhy do we need to model variation?
M MEYER & P PRETORIUSStochastic modelling in the petrochemical industry
A-M POTHAS & AG DE WETOperational risk
CS SCRIMNGER-CHRISTIAN, A-M POTHAS & AG DE WETConceptual knowledge: Gabek as a possible front end to formal concept analysis
SM SEELETSE, AG DE WET & A-M POTHASIs this a new ‘hope’ for consultants? Enhancing fairness in tendering
M STANDER, A-M POTHAS & AG DE WETThe varying training needs of managers after globalisation
TJ STEWARTTreatment of risk and uncertainty in mcda models
SE VISAGIEVoorraadbeheer in ’n CD-winkel
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