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30th Annual ORSSA Conference (2000)

Papers Delivered at the 30th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held in September 2000 at the Stellenbosch University Business School (Bellville):

Author(s)Paper Title
C ANTHONISSENPerformance guarantees for the approximation of difficult optimization problems
FE BEICHELTReduction methods in network reliability analysis
SG BERJAKLinear congruential random number generators
D COETZER, JH VAN VUUREN & SE VISAGIEOptimal micro lender service configurations
HC DE KOCKOptimale verspreiding van koring na meulens in SA
EA DEL ROSARIOIFORS: Bringing operational research to developing countries
EA DEL ROSARIOOperations research: Supporting management decisions in consumer goods manufacturing
EA SEL ROSARIOSugar Allocation and Purchasing System for Coca-Cola (Philippines)
JM GREBENForecasting using a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques
G GROVES, J LE ROUX & JH VAN VUURENNetwork service routing & scheduling
WR GRUNDLINGH & JH VAN VUURENGenetic cracking of cryptographic ciphers
M HARMSEA total systems intervention for street children
G HATTINGHRobust linear regression by discarding data and regressors simultaneously
JW HEARNEThe use of column generation techniques to construct hunting packages
JW HEARNE, N NTENE & F VAN LANGEVELDEOptimal herd structure in pastoralist and agropastoralist systems and effects of droughts
HW ITTMANNThinking about the future: The role of OR
KJ KOCHTesting foraging theories of grazing herbivores using simulation
L KREELHeuristics and biases in decision making under uncertainty - the role of simulation studies
D LIUObject oriented modelling of decision making and decision support systems
I MEYERModelling freight logistics solutions
D PETKOV & O PETKOVACombining MCDM and SSM in problem solving interventions
WJ PIENAARRole and place of Operations Research in the education of logisticians at the University of Stellenbosch
H ROUXImportance of input distribution selection
P SCHMITZUsing geographic information systems to map crime incidents for court purposes
L SCOTTPoverty indicators for local government
TJ STEWARTMCDA for Project Prioritization and Scheduling
CJ SWANEPOELLowest cost path in a network with dynamic link behaviour
RC VAN DEN HONERTThe multivariate analysis biplot as a tool for conflict analysis in MCDA
FE VAN DYKThe Delft airport library project
D VAN GREUNENOR methods in information security
F VAN LANGEVELDE & JW HEARNEIrreversible vegetation collapse and optimal harvesting in semi-arid grazing systems
G VENTER & JS WOLVAARDTín Algoritme vir die minimum van die konkawe knapsakprobleem
SE VISAGIELogistieke beplanning mbv simulasie: 'n gevallestudie
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