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29th Annual ORSSA Conference (1999)

Papers Delivered at the 29th Annual Concerence of ORSSA, held on 15-17 September 1999 at the Dikhololo Game Reserve:

Author(s)Paper Title
F BEICHELTA replacement policy based on maintenance cost limits
HC DE KOCKFormulating an optimal diet for ostriches
KJ DUFFY & VB BAJICAssessing and predicting benefits of electrification for social science research using soft computing techniques
HC DE KOCKFormulating an optimal diet for ostriches
LP FATTI & R COETZERAn OR problem in biotechnology: Combining probability and cost benefits in mutant screening
PduT FOURIEOperations research education in South Africa. Where are we now? Where should we be going?
W GEVERSTeaching OR via medium Excel to MBA students
JM GREBENUsing clustering as a predictive tool
MFP HARMSEOR: The never-ending story
J HEARNEDensity-dependant models: Implications for harvesting populations
LK KANYAMAA history of operations research and suggestions on its future trends
MF KRUGERA novel parallel algorithm for solving the 0-1 knapsack problem
R LOURENCO & JP COSTAAn interactive algorithm for classifying non-dominated solutions in MOLIP problems
I MEYER, JJ VAN RENSBURG & J HOLLAWAYModelling sustainable development: A virtual rural village
DF PAYNEModeling the South African electrical industry to ensure cost effective decisions for expansion projects to meet future demand growths
PH POTGIETERSafely into the 21st century
AM POTHAS & AG DE WETQuality of work life: What do employees really think in times of change?
AM POTHAS & AG DE WETUsing indices to decide between projects: An illustration
JW ROUXDutch technology
JC SCHUURING, GJ DE VREEDE & HG SOLOptimized police patrolling through animated electronic meetings
JC SCHUURING, GJ DE VREEDE & M TURPINElectronic meeting support for effective collaboration
TJ STEWARTMonte Carlo methods for data envelopment analysis and links to multicriteria decision analysis
J SWARTRisk-adjusted performance comparison of simple international investment strategies
HL TARR, JW HEARNE, J DERRY & A ILLIUSInvestigating management strategies for commercial beef production in Namibia
FE VAN DYKShift and roster models for police personnel
JH VAN VUUREN & EA WAGENAARQuantifying the role of management style in the success of investment portfolios
JS WOLVAARDTHierargiese waardebepaling; teoreties en empiries waardeloos
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