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28th Annual ORSSA Conference (1998)

Papers Delivered at the 28th Annual Concerence of ORSSA (in association with the Systems Methodology Society), held on 23-27 November 1998 at the University of Cape Town:

Author(s)Paper Title
R BAWDENRural policy: Complexity in action
V BELTONMixing SODA and MCDA: Balancing equivocality and precision
SG BERJAK & JW HEARNECellular automata modelling of fire spread for Mkuze Nature Reserve
E CLOETE & G ELLISA Framework for inquiry and research based on Charles Pierce's method of scientific inquiry
J DAYDesigning for collaboration: Communication as the enemy of collaboration in policy formation
HC DE KOCKOR in dairy farming
E DU TOITA bioeconomical investigation of inshore species
JW HEARNE & K TOMINSONShould pastoral systems be converted to game ranches? Size does count
P HORTON & J HEARNEDetermining optimal harvesting time for sugarcane infested with the stalk-borer Eldana sccharina Walker
HW ITTMANNCrime prevention - Addressing a national priority in South Africa
M KIKER & B VAN DYKSystems thinking to assist in educational policy implementation
K KOCH, et al.A spatial temporal model to investigate the dynamics of selective and unselective wildlife grazers in a semi-arid grassland
JL KORRUBEL & JW HEARNEThe potential use of rainfall predictions in wildlife management
S LEWIN, et al.Restructuring: Problem or opportunity?
K LUCKETT & S LUCKETTDeveloping "reflective" development practitioners through an action-learning curriculum: Problems and challanges in a South African context
M MADIHISystem Two and the Design of a National Operations Room
M MADIHIUsing the VSM to efficiently counter a national threat
T MCEWAN & D PETKOVImproving management policies by synchronising attitudes
A MOLLERTSI applied to an entrance requirement for financial accounting 1
P PERNYMulticriteria analysis and collaborative decision support: The case of movie-recommendation tasks on the internet
O PETKOVAIn search of methodological justification for evaluation of the factors affecting software development productivity
M PIDDMaking sense of strategic vision
B RAJARATNAM & LP FATTIModeling credit portfolio risk: The quantification of default probabilities
EM ROMANOWSKAAnalysis of an orginasational diagnosis methodology
EM ROMANOWSKA & JPL CLOETEThe Effect of an organisational design intervention in an R&D Division
T RYANA cybernetic approach to policy information
TJ STEWARTPolicy decisions in the public sector: Can MCDA make a difference?
T STYLIANIDESOperational analysis of crime information for the prevention and managemant of crime
H TARR, J HEARNE & J SWARTA model for optimal management of cattle herds in a dry region
W TOPPA systems approach to knowledge creation
NT TUANThe invariant precondition of a successfull policy formation - Unveiling through Confucian epistemology
SM TURPIN & AK COOPERInvestigating information technology and related processes in the civil and criminal justice systems
R VAN DEN HONERT, L SCOTT & PduT FOURIEApplication of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to problems of fair allocation in local government
F VAN DER BERGA systems approach to the role of power in the policy selling process
FE VAN DYKResource allocation whithin the South African Police Service
JH VAN VUUREN & WR GRUNDLINGHAn active decision support system for optimality in open air reservoir release strategies
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